"Lifting Our Eyes from Shame to Grace."

- Monday Boot Camp Fellowship -

When Sex Addicts have a "spiritual experience" by working the
12-Steps, it often results in sobriety as a bi-product.

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Are You a Drowning Man?

Restless, Irritable, Discontent

- Want Sexual Sobriety?
- Ready to work 12-Steps?
- Need a Mentor?

About US

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What is
Boot Camp?

- Guides men through 12-Steps
- Rapid, Communal approach
- 8 to 10 weeks duration

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We use
AA Big Book

Free Downloads:
(Read, Watch, Listen)

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Why Boot Camp?

Provides path to:
- Freedom
- Happiness
- Serenity

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- Desire to "Stop Acting Out"
- Willingness to "Go To Any Length" for solution 

When & Where

  • - In person, Monday nights
  • - 6:30 pm - 9 pm (CT) 
  • - Local Eatery (Dallas, TX)
  • - (Dinner Fellowship followed by Boot Camp work)
  • - Contact us for more

Contact Us:

To apply for participation or
start your own Boot Camp,
email: 12stepbootcamp@gmail.com

Start Your Own
Boot Camp Today!

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For Mentors) 

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